Spare Parts

Genuine parts actually save money over the life of your vehicle.

Unfortunately, fake auto parts have become serious problem in recent years. This doesn’t hurt IMC –it hurts you, the person buying the parts, as well. So if somebody wants to sell you what appears to be genuine parts that are well below market price, Beware! They could be imitations. When you get parts from IMC’s authorized dealers you can always be sure you are getting high quality.

By using the original products we are actually giving a favor to our self, by increasing the life of our car.

The genuine products actually give an extra life to the car, and you can drive your car 






Toyota Genuine Motor Oil is a high performance Oil recommended for all Toyota Vehicles to maintain the quality of your Toyota vehicle.

Using Motor Oil that is formulated specifically for your vehicle enhance your engine’s performance.

Toyota Genuine Motor Oil is a special combination of advance technology base oil and special additive package that deliver exceptional performance in modern low emission engines as well as old well-maintained engines.
Toyota genuine Motor Oil is different from other. It is blended & Formulated on the basis of the research done by Toyota Engineers on the Toyota Engine & Metal requirement of lubricants.





Toyota Genuine chemical products are highly performance Toyota family products designed by TMC especially for Toyota Vehicles not to provide the Product only but extra Care for your Car, the Chemical that best suit your Vehicle with ultimate Performance.
Toyota Genuine Chemicals are highly recommended for all Toyota Vehicles due to it is specially design for it. So don’t compromise on something ordinary but the best for your Car.
Toyota Offers a complete product range Long Life Coolant, Gear oils, ATF, Brake Fluid, and Suspension Fluid & Fuel Injector Cleaner.
To protect your vehicle parts from damage.
Enhance your vehicle life with exceptional performance. 
It helps you keep your Toyota looking and running like new. 
It safeguards your vehicle's performance always.
Meet / Exceeds Toyota Warranty Requirement.
To be confident you're giving your vehicle the best care possible.

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